Log in and enrollment key

Once you have an account you can log into your account and enroll into the Fall term class. Go to the login page and fill in your username and password:

Click on the log in button and you will get to this page:

Click on “Physics – Fall term” and you will be asked for your enrollment key. Fill in the enrollment key you got in class today and you will automatically be added to the right class.

There is only one assignment posted for now (“Class information”) and you should complete it by Monday:

If you run into any problems please email me: tstrasser@stuy.edu




Welcome to my web page for your physics class! Take a moment to look around on the front page: in the “Class syllabus” tabs on the top you can find an overview of the topics we will cover in physics this year.

You can not access the main part of the web page yet because you will need to create an account first. Click here (or on the “Online class” tab above) and you will get to this log in page:

Click on the “Create new account” button and fill in the required information: please capitalize the first letter (and only the first letter) of your name and make sure to remember your username and password. Click “Create my new account” at the bottom when you are done:

You might not get the promised confirmation email. Don’t freak out – I will confirm your account manually and show you how you can log in tomorrow.

Do NOT create a second account with a different email address!


You homework for today:

Almost all homework for this class will be online.  So make sure that you follow the instructions above to create an account – without an account you will not be able to do any homework for this class.



If you have problems email me at: tstrasser@stuy.edu