The Nature of a Sound Wave

  1. Sound is a Mechanical Wave
  2. Sound is a Longitudinal Wave
  3. Sound is a Pressure Wave

Sound Properties and Their Perception

  1. Pitch and Frequency
  2. Intensity and the Decibel Scale
  3. The Speed of Sound
  4. The Human Ear

Behavior of Sound Waves

  1. Interference and Beats
  2. The Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
  3. Boundary Behavior
  4. Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction

Resonance and Standing Waves

  1. Natural Frequency
  2. Forced Vibration
  3. Standing Wave Patterns
  4. Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics

Musical Instruments

  1. Resonance
  2. Guitar Strings
  3. Open-End Air Columns
  4. Closed-End Air Columns