Modern physics

Electromagnetic Waves and Particles

Evidence for Electromagnetic Waves
Catch the Wave
Stadium Wave
Electric Force
Electric Force Fields
Vibrating Charges and Electromagnetic Waves
Speed of Light
Measuring the Speed of Light
More About Visualizing Electromagnetic Waves
Loops of Lines of Force
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Quantum Atom

Spectral Lines
Evidence for Spectral Lines
Absorption Spectra
Bohr’s Atom
Vibrating Charges Revisited
 Classical Orbits and Quantum Mechanics
Balmer’s Formula
Angular Momentum of an Electron
Wave Nature of Matter
Circular Waves and the Bohr Model
Photoelectric Effect
Planck’s Constant and the Energy of a Photon
Energy Levels
Schroedinger’s Atom
Atomic Spectra
Computing Frequencies
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Elements as Atoms

Beyond the Hydrogen Atom
The Pauli Exclusion Principle
Electron Configurations
Rules for Electron Configurations
Electron Clouds and Energy Levels
Electron Configurations & the Periodic Table I
Electron Configurations & the Periodic Table II
Crossover Energy Levels
Quantum Numbers I
Quantum Numbers II
Quantum Numbers & Spin
A New Perspective on the Periodic Table

 Nuclear physics

Atomic Weight
Atomic Mass Units
Weight & Mass
Mass Defect
Beta Decay
Mass and Energy Conservation in Nuclear Decay
Positrons, Alpha Particles, and Gamma Rays
Alpha Decay and the Strong Force
Binding Energy
Meaning of Halflife