Gravity and planetary motion

Motion Characteristics for Circular Motion

  1. Speed and Velocity
  2. Acceleration
  3. The Centripetal Force Requirement
  4. The Forbidden F-Word
  5. Mathematics of Circular Motion

Applications of Circular Motion

  1. Newton’s Second law – Revisited
  2. Amusement Park Physics
  3. Athletics

Universal Gravitation

  1. Gravity is More than a Name
  2. The Apple, the Moon, and the Inverse Square Law
  3. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
  4. Cavendish and the Value of G
  5. The Value of g

Planetary and Satellite Motion

  1. Kepler’s Three Laws
  2. Circular Motion Principles for Satellites
  3. Mathematics of Satellite Motion
  4. Weightlessness in Orbit
  5. Energy Relationships for Satellites